Say Cheese Page Kit


Make eight punny pages designed to preserve your memories. Document a visit to a winery, favorite restaurant, charcuterie or pizza party, and more.

This special edition collection is not part of the monthly club membership. It includes all of the supplies needed to complete eight fully-embellished 12x12 pages. Just add a trimmer, scissors and adhesive.


(4) 12x12 Prints: 2 ea. Blue Print, Yellow Print

(2) 12x12 Blue Plains

(2) 12x12 Dk. Yellow Plains

(2) 12x12 Metallic Gold Plains

(2) 12x12 Orange Plains

(2) 12x12 Rust Plains

(1) 12x12 Ivory Plain

(1) 12x12 Lt. Yellow Plain

(2) 12.25x12.25 Printed Cutaparts

(1) Roll Dots Washi Tape

(3) Cow Woodcuts

(3) Drawstring Bags

(1) 3 pc. Ribbons