Kit Assembly Instructions: 2024-2018


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July Harbor Town Page Kit Harbor Town Card Kit
June Kit No. 301 Page Kit Kit No. 301 Card Kit
May Bright Blooms Page Kit Bright Blooms Card Kit
April Reef Page Kit Reef Card Kit
March Rainforest Page Kit Rainforest Card Kit
February Take Flight Page Kit Take Flight Card Kit
January Bandana Page Kit Bandana Card Kit
December Luminary Page Kit Luminary Card Kit
November Cartography Page Kit Cartography Card Kit
October Chocolate Page Kit Chocolate Card Kit
September Riverbend Page Kit Riverbend Card Kit
August Wanderer Page Kit Wanderer Card Kit
July Coastal Page Kit Coastal Card Kit
June Flower Power Page Kit Flower Power Card Kit
May Typeset Page Kit Typeset Card Kit
April Magnolia Page Kit Magnolia Card Kit
March Surf Shop Page Kit Surf Shop Card Kit
February Flourish Page Kit Flourish Card Kit
January Mariachi Page Kit Mariachi Card Kit
December Gossamer Page Kit Gossamer Card Kit
November Whimsy Page Kit Whimsy Card Kit
October Meadow Page Kit Meadow Card Kit
September Roost Page Kit Roost Card Kit
August Mediterranean Page Kit Mediterranean Card Kit
July Legacy Page Kit Legacy Card Kit
June Hot Summer Page Kit Hot Summer Card Kit
May Petals Page Kit Petals Card Kit
April Hooray Page Kit Hooray Card Kit
March Under the Sea Page Kit Under the Sea Card Kit
February Fun and Games Page Kit Fun and Games Card Kit
January What's Up, Buttercup? Page Kit What's Up, Buttercup? Card Kit
December Galaxy Page Kit Galaxy Card Kit
November Tropicale Page Kit Tropicale Card Kit
October In Transit Page Kit In Transit Card Kit
September Farmstand Page Kit Farmstand Card Kit
August Fairytale Page Kit Fairytale Card Kit
July Let It Bee Page Kit Let It Bee Card Kit
June Regatta Page Kit Regatta Card Kit
May Peony Page Kit Peony Card Kit
April Sprouts Page Kit Sprouts Card Kit
March Shoji Page Kit Shoji Card Kit
February Rainy Day Page Kit Rainy Day Card Kit
January Zest for Life Page Kit Zest for Life Card Kit
December Kintsugi Page Kit Kintsugi Card Kit
November Golden Hour Page Kit Golden Hour Card Kit
October Geodes Page Kit Geodes Card Kit
September Pacific Northwest Page Kit Pacific Northwest Card Kit
August Beautiful Noise Page Kit Beautiful Noise Card Kit
July Prism Page Kit Prism Card Kit
June Vintage Americana Page Kit Vintage Americana Card Kit
May Fly a Kite Page Kit Fly a Kite Card Kit
April Hello, Sunshine Page Kit Hello, Sunshine Card Kit
March Western Page Kit Western Card Kit
February Turquoise Page Kit Turquoise Card Kit
January Confetti Page Kit Confetti Card Kit
December Coffeehouse Page Kit Coffeehouse Card Kit
November Happy Camper Page Kit Happy Camper Card Kit
October Expeditions Page Kit Expeditions Card Kit
September Falling Leaves Page Kit Falling Leaves Card Kit
August High Tide Page Kit High Tide Card Kit
July Forest Floor Page Kit Forest Floor Card Kit
June Farm Critters Page Kit Farm Critters Card Kit
May Damask Page Kit Damask Card Kit
April In Bloom Page Kit In Bloom Card Kit
March Aviary Page Kit Aviary Card Kit
February Cobblestone Page Kit Cobblestone Card Kit
January Mumbai Page Kit Mumbai Card Kit
December Alpine Page Kit Alpine Card Kit
November Gone Wild Page Kit Gone Wild Card Kit
October You've Got Mail Page Kit You've Got Mail Card Kit
September Tapestry Page Kit Tapestry Card Kit
August Ivy League Page Kit Ivy League Card Kit
July Sea Breeze Page Kit Sea Breeze Card Kit
June Firecracker Page Kit Firecracker Card Kit
May Lavender Fields Page Kit Lavender Fields Card Kit
April Shibori Page Kit Shibori Card Kit
March Daffodils Page Kit Daffodils Card Kit
February Steamworks Page Kit Steamworks Card Kit
January Surprise Deluxe Page Kit
Surprise Lite Page Kit
Surprise Greetings to Go Kit
Surprise Club Stamp Card Kit
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